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Listen EVERY Thursday morning at 7:20 for Mamma's Kitchen with Marla's Mama from Oklahoma, she will give you three ingredients to something's she's cooking, if you guess what Mama's cooking you win DINNER for TWO from the Pizza Ranch, at the Battlefield Mall.

YOU can always be a part of the show by calling MARLA, call (417) 831-5234

Every WED morning is a "WOW GOD WEDNESDAY" Do you have a "Praise Report" of ANSWERED PRAYER? Well, don't keep it to yourself, call us (417) 831-5234 and let the WORLD KNOW! #WOWGODWEDNESDAY

More About Marla:

Marla Lucas began hosting 99.5 KADI’s Morning Show in 2019. Her passion and upbeat sense of humor is a perfect way to start your day.

The morning show has never been the same! Between Marla’s hilarious life adventures and her heart to “keep it real,” one might say…there’s never a dull moment! Marla couldn’t be more honored to proclaim the Gospel, God’s hope and joy on KADI and compel her audience to "run after the Lord and watch what He’ll do in your life!”

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